Garbage and Recycling


Garbage and Recycling

Solid Waste /Recycling Collection

The DPW is responsible for the collection of property owner solid waste and recycling.   One garbage can (black lid) and one recycling can (blue lid) is provided to each property in the City.   These 95 gallon cans are numbered and chipped to allow for tracking.   The cans are specially designed to be picked up by our automated truck.   Other trash containers cannot be picked up by our truck.   The truck that picks up the cans is specialized to allow for automated collection of trash and recycling.   A side arm picks up the cans and lifts the trash and recycling into the truck.   The arm will then place the can back to its original location.   This truck is operated by trained staff that knows the various routes throughout the City and is trained in the proper use of the equipment.

PROPER USE:  Cans at least 3 feet apart, in the designated refuse area, away from overhead and surrounding obstructions. 
IMPROPER USE:  Cans too close together, can overflowing / can lid cannot closed,
garbage outside of can, can in alley not in designated refuse area. 
  • The solid waste cart has a black lid and the recycling cart has a blue lid.  
  • They should be placed in the designated refuse area by no later than 7 a.m. on your collection day.  Carts placed out after this time may not be picked up.  
  • The arrow on the cart must point towards the street / alley.  
  • Ensure that the cart has a minimum 3 foot clearance from any other objects.   Do not put the cart near any obstructions including overhanging tree branches or utility wires.   During the winter, snow must be removed from around the cart to maintain the 3 foot clearance.  
  • Do not place any waste / recycling outside of the cart.  
  • Do not overload the cart!  Keep the lid closed to prevent water from collecting, to control odors, prevent animals from removing contents and from recycling making a mess. 
  • Never place food waste directly into the solid waste container.  
  • Please remove cans from the designated refuse area within 24 hrs.
  • Do not put the recycle and solid waste carts out at the same time.
  • Waste oil, batteries, electronic items such as televisions, computers, appliances and yard waste are not permitted for pickup.  (see Special Waste at the Delta County Landfill Site for disposal)
  • For any unknown waste item please call Delta County Landfill for help. 906-786-9056
  • Items prohibited for recycling include but are not limited to glass, food contaminated paper or cardboard, wax-coated boxes, Styrofoam, cereal and cake mix boxes, or oil/antifreeze containers.  This is not an exhaustive list this is just a few of the items that are not accepted.
  • For recycling guidelines please see the top of your Blue Lid on your recycling can or here is a link to the Delta County Landfill: Recycling Guide
  • Items too large for the can  and  items we cannot take in our cans / truck can be brought to the Delta County Landfill. 
  • Extra trash and recycling can always be brought to the Delta County Landfill and garbage is charged according to weight, recycling is free.
  • Never place garbage into recycling cart.  The recycling is sorted by hand at the landfill and keeping it as clean as possible cuts the cost and increases safety for them and the us. 
Please note that your trash or recycling may not be picked up if the guidelines above are not followed.   If this happens, your containers will be picked up at the next scheduled pick up time if guidelines are adhered to.                  
Missed Solid Waste / Recycling
There are a number of reasons your trash or recycling may have been missed, the most common reasons are:

  • Can not placed out in a the designated refuse area before 7 am
  • Blocked or improper set out of can
  • Can too full to be picked up
  • Holiday weeks garbage may be a day behind
  • Extra weeks in the garbage collection cycle, there is a 4 week collection cycle and some months have 5 weeks.
Moving IN or Moving OUT
Contact Utility Billing  (906-428-3737 Option 1) and notify them if your can needs to be dropped off  or removed.  Place your can in the designated refuse area for pick up, if removal is needed.  If we are dropping off  cans, we will place the cans in the designated refuse area so you know where to place them for pick up.  We will deliver or pick up your can as soon as we can, usually within 24 to 48 hrs.