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Compost Site and Yard Waste 

The City composting site is a collection point for brush and yard waste generated by City activities and by City residents.   City residents are responsible for collection and proper disposal of yard waste from their own property.   The compost site is available to city residents to dispose of their yard waste.  Please do not place leaves or other yard waste in the City Right-Of-Way or streets.   The City does not collect any type of yard waste produced from resident properties.   Placing yard-waste in streets affects proper storm-water runoff and increases non-point source pollution.  
DPW also composts yard waste so it can be recycled.   City residents can utilize compost materials produced at the site for their own use free of charge.   Only compost can be removed from the compost site, and nothing else.   Anything else that leaves the compost site will be considered theft and reported to Gladstone Public Safety.
Non-residents are not permitted to use the site.   They should contact Delta County Landfill Compost Site about how to handle yard waste.   Commercial haulers and lawn service companies are not permitted to use the site.   Anyone caught dumping that is not a City resident will be reported to Gladstone Public Safety.
Acceptable Waste
Only clean yard waste, brush, and tree waste will be accepted.   Acceptable yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings, pine cones, acorns, garden vegetation, sod, and soil.   Acceptable brush and tree waste includes shrubs, tree branches, ground tree stump, and firewood.   Tree waste must be no longer than 5 feet in length and no larger than 6 inches in diameter.   Yard waste and brush/tree waste must be separated and placed in the designated locations at the compost site.   Place waste as close to piles as you can so others can easily use the site and City staff can better operate/manage the site.   The City reserves the right to limit the quantity of brush disposed.  
Unacceptable Waste
Furniture, construction materials of any nature including lumber, pallets, tree stumps, asphalt, concrete, bricks, rocks, ashes, glass, metal, Styrofoam, animal feces, food waste, or other foreign materials are unacceptable.   Plastic bags are not permitted in the compost site.   If materials are brought in plastic bags, please empty contents and dispose of plastic bags in a proper disposal location away from the compost site.   Anyone caught dumping unacceptable waste in the compost site will be reported to the City of Gladstone Public Safety.
After unloading, please sweep trailers, pickup boxes, etc. clean to maintain street cleanliness and safety.
Currently the site does not have posted hours.