News Release:  Sanitary Sewer Cleaning & Video Recording

News Release:  Sanitary Sewer Cleaning & Video Recording


News Release
City of Gladstone
April 24, 2019
Contact:  Rodney Schwartz, Gladstone WWTP Superintendent 906-428-1757

The City of Gladstone along with Tunnel Vision will be cleaning and video recording the sanitary sewer system.  We are advising that if you have had issues in the past when cleaning has been completed, to have your vent pipe cleaned. 

When the vents in your plumbing drain system are clogged, the flow of water from your house can slow down or stop altogether. The vents admit air to replace the vacuum of rushing water, and when they are completely blocked, the effect is much the same as covering the end of a full drinking straw with your finger. The water stays where it is. On the other hand, partial blockages can cause the pipes to gurgle in the same way as a bottle full of water does when you pour the contents quickly. That gurgling sound should alert you to vent problems.  When cleaning, the water that is in the homeowner’s drain line will not let air escape through the vent pipe causing the water in the drain line to get pushed into the plumbing fixtures of the home.

Below is a diagram of a typical plumbing system from the city’s sewer main to and including the plumbing inside a house.

If you have any further questions, you can contact the wastewater department at 428-1757.